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Waypoint specializes in all types of print, online marketing, and web design. We can handle most tasks in-house, but if needed, we have a huge network of talented people that we can take in on short notice.

We take great pride in knowing our clients really well. So, before any project starts we do a very in-depth research of your company, product, services and of course, the competition. Knowing our clients 100%, we can come up with a business strategy and a project description that leaves no room for errors or mistakes. When your project is done, you know exactly what to expect and how to compete online.

"During the entire project, Waypoint was there to hold our hands. We ended up with an amazing online solution that attracts customers and helps us stand out from the crowd"


Justin Hopkins

Production Manager

Justin is in charge of production. He oversees all of our client accounts and makes sure everything runs smoothly and everyone stays happy. He enjoys making stuff look cool and drinking coffee. Loots of coffee.


Angelique Grinnell

Office Manager

Angel runs our office and makes sure things don't get too crazy. There's really not much she doesn't do. She enjoys being awesome.


Lee Snow

Graphic Designer

Lee is one of our amazing and talented designers. He has a very diverse design portfolio, handling everything from websites to books, logos, brochures, and more.


Ben Giselbach

Graphic Designer

Born at a very young age, Ben is an awesome graphic designer. He is married to the luckiest girl alive, Hannah. Uh, he means, *he's* the lucky one. Together they have two children, Ezra & Colleyanna. Ben stays busy preaching and making stuff look good; and is, by nearly all accounts, a superb parallel parker.


Don Garey

Graphic Designer

Don, aka tank, excels at designing brochures and html websites. He spends most of his time focused on telling the lost about Jesus. He also likes to make stuff look cool.


Derek Drake

Social Media

Derek is a social media guru. He knows all the ins and outs of looking good and reaching people on social media. He also handles a fair amount of graphic design work, because social media is better when stuff looks cool.



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Waypoint is all about helping other small businesses get bigger. We take pleasure in helping others achieve their goals and improve the community. We love the art of design, helping to beautify our world and communicate more powerfully.

Maybe you are shopping for someone to help with your next design or marketing project. Maybe you are looking to grow your business or expand your customer base. Maybe you aren't really sure what you need, but you know you need something. 

We would love to sit down and offer a free consultation that can start you off in the right direction. No strings attached.

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